We Provide the following Services:

Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Condition-Based Maintenance
Combination of Condition-Based and Preventive Maintenance

Call-Out and Technical Support

The goal is to achieve fewer, shorter, and more predictable outages.


We specialise in:


Earthmoving Equipment or Plant (Maintenance Service Intervals)

> Oils > Lubes > Filters > Components > GET etc

Power Systems (Rotating & Friction Parts Service Intervals)

> Bearings > Blocks > Housings > Lubricatiion

Drive Motors & Systems (Service Intervals)

> Oils > Lubrication > Filters > Components > Bearings > Housings > Blocks

Pump Motors & Systems  (Service Intervals)

> Oils > Lubrication > Filters > Components > Pipes > Valves > Couplings > Bearings > Blocks > Housing

Sandblast and Coating Systems (Service Intervals)


Our services & work is predictable, making budgeting, planning, and resource leveling possible.

• When properly practiced, it generally prevents most major problems, thus reducing forced outages, “reactive maintenance,” and maintenance costs in general.1

• It assures managers that equipment is being maintained.

• It is easily understood and justified.

Routine Maintenance – Activities that are conducted while equipment and systems are in service. 

Maintenance Testing – Activities that involve using test equipment to assess condition in an offline state. 

Diagnostic Testing – Activities that involve using test equipment to assess the condition of equipment after unusual events, such as equipment failure/ repair/replacement or when equipment deterioration is suspected.